Peak Skills Data Protection Privacy Policy

We are happy to set out for you below the occasions when we will collect personal data, how it will be stored, how it will be used and how long we will keep it for.

When we gather personal data

When an individual, group or business makes a booking with Peak Skills some personal information is requested either through our on-line booking system or through email or telephone communication.  This information includes –

Candidates name

Business name if applicable

The name of the person making the booking

Email addresses

Telephone numbers

Postal address for certificates

Payments for courses booked through the website are taken through our contract with Stripe.  Please refer to their Privacy Statement for how they manage your data.  You can find Stripe’s Privacy Policy here -  Peak Skills do not hold any information on individual’s bank details.

When an individual attends a course they will complete course paperwork which includes their full name and an email address.

Any individual, group or business that books a course with Peak Skills will be entered onto the Peak Skills Course Database, our Mailchimp Database and Course Spreadsheets.

Should an individual, group or business contact Peak Skills but not go on to make a booking their details are added to a spreadsheet and, with their permission, to our Mailchimp database.  They are not added to our Course Database.

How we gather your consent to store personal data

Booking a Peak Skills course involves entering into a contract with us and implies permission is given for Peak Skills to store course paperwork and your personal information (name, email address, postal address, telephone number) on the Course Database and Course Spreadsheets and your name and email address on the Mailchimp Database in order for us to fulfil our contract with you.

On Peak Skills course registers attendees are asked to submit their email addresses if they wish to be contacted regarding re-qualifying and receive newsletters and updates.  If email addresses are given these are then entered along with the candidate’s name and company name if applicable, onto the Peak Skills Mailchimp Database.

Enquiring about training implies an interest in our services and therefore permission to continue communication regarding this until a booking is made or the communication comes to a natural end.  In this instance a name, company name if applicable, email address and telephone number if given will be added to the Course Spreadsheets.  You will be asked verbally or by email if you would like to be added to the Mailchimp Database, you will only be added to the Course Database should you make a booking.

Why we keep your personal data

Personal information is required to enable us to fulfil our contract with you and our compliance with our governing bodies and industry body.  It enables us to send you important information about your course, to forward your certificate on successful completion of your course if appropriate and to notify you when your certificate is about to expire if appropriate.  If you have booked or attended a Peak Skills course your personal information will be held on our Course Database and Course Spreadsheets.  First aid and manual handling are regularly reviewed by national and international bodies who occasionally publish updates to procedures.  Therefore, occasionally, Peak Skills circulate newsletters and updates to the people on the Mailchimp database to inform and update them accordingly.

For courses which are regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) there are requirements to hold personal information of course attendees.  Peak Skills are also accountable to others, namely the First Aid Industry Body and NUCO (FAA) for some courses, which allows our customers to easily ensure their due diligence requirement in choosing a training provider is met.  Peak Skills is required by these bodies to hold the names and email addresses of course attendees and, in the case of accredited courses, supply NUCO (FAA) with the names and email addresses of course attendees.  NUCO (FAA) will hold this data in accordance with their Data Privacy Policy.  Please visit to see NUCO’s Data Privacy Policy.

How we keep your personal data

Personal information is stored on our Course Spreadsheets, our Course Database and Mailchimp Database.  These spreadsheets and databases are only stored on the Peak Skills desk top computer, the Peak Skills laptop and on Goggle Sheets.  The Peak Skills desk top is password protected, virus protected and in an office which is locked when not occupied.  The Peak Skills laptop is password protected and virus protected.  The Google Sheets are only shared between the Peak Skills director (Michelle Lane) and the course administrator (Jane Haslam).  Should either Michelle or Jane leave Peak Skills their permission to access the Peak Skills Google Sheets will be removed.  Course paperwork is stored in the Peak Skills office, which is locked when not occupied.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

Peak Skills is required by the HSE and our governing bodies to keep the personal information of course candidates and all course paperwork for three years and six months from the date of the completion of the course.  Course paperwork will be destroyed beyond legibility within 4 years of the date of course completion.  Peak Skills will keep the personal information of course attendees, groups and businesses on the Course Database and Course Spreadsheets for up to 7 years after the completion of the last course that individual, group or business booked.  We keep personal information this long because most first aid courses need renewing every three years.  This enables us to notify you when your certificate is about to expire and also three years beyond that to include any previous customers who may wish to return to Peak Skills after using someone else on one occasion.  Personal data held on the Mailchimp Database is stored until you request to ‘opt out’ of future mailings.  Each item sent from the Peak Skills Mailchimp Database will contain an option to ‘opt out’ or individuals can choose to email their request to be removed.

What happens when you ask to ‘opt out’?

Due to our need for compliance with our governing bodies we are unable to delete your personal information held on course paperwork until three years and six months after the completion of a course overseen by the HSE or Ofsted/EYFS.  We can and will remove your personal information from our Course Database, Course Spreadsheets and, if applicable, Mailchimp Database on your request at any time.  Should you request to be removed from our Course Database and Course Spreadsheets you will not receive notification that your qualification is due for renewal near the time of it’s expiry or three years later.  Should you request to be removed from our Mailchimp Database you will not receive any newsletters, updates or course information.  You can request at any time to be removed from either the Course Database/Spreadsheets or the Mailchimp Database or both.  Should you ask to be removed from the Mailchimp Database we will keep your name, group or business name if applicable, and email address on an Exclusions Spreadsheet to ensure you are not inadvertently included in any future mailings.  Should the individual, group or business later contact us they will enter into a new arrangement as per the guidelines above.  Should you ask to be removed only from the Course Database/Spreadsheets you will not be added to the Exclusions Spreadsheet and you would be re-entered should you attend a future course with Peak Skills in accordance with the Data Privacy Policy.

Direct Marketing

Occasionally we may send course information to groups or businesses whom we believe would benefit from our services who are not already on either of our databases.  These emails will be sent via Mailchimp and will contain an option for the recipient to request they are added to our Mailchimp Database for future contact.  If they request to join our Mailchimp Database their information will stored in accordance to the above terms.  If they do not indicate they would like to join our Mailchimp Database their personal data will not be added.  If they request not to be contacted again by us they will be added to the Exclusions Spreadsheet.

Additional Information

Peak Skills has never and will never sell personal information or knowingly leave any personal information vulnerable.  Peak Skills trainers have access to personal information during the course but are duty bound to handle this data with care and not hold a copy personally and to ensure it reaches the Peak Skills office securely, either by hand or by Royal Mail.  You have a right to access your personal information.  If you wish to see what, if any, of your personal information Peak Skills holds you may request by email a copy of every entry relating to you we hold on the Course Spreadsheets, Course Database, Mailchimp Database or Exclusions Spreadsheet.  You may not, however, view this information as part of the spreadsheet or database as this would make other entrant’s information vulnerable and you will need to prove your identity prior to any information being released.  Your personal information may need to be updated from time to time, for example if you change email address or telephone number.  You may contact Peak Skills at any time to have your stored information updated.