Peak Skills Emergency First Aid at Work Course

The decorations are packed away, New Year resolutions made (and possibly even broken!) and we are well and truly back in the swing of normality having trained 188 people since January 3rd!  This year is looking like an exciting time in the world of first aid training with the rolling out of new regulations from the European and UK Resuscitation councils and a shake up to the Qualifications Framework. 

Much has been learned over the last few years about keys to success in traumatic injury cases from our military personnel which has been used to improve treatment of casualties here in the UK.  There have been a number of changes to recommended practise which will help not only casualties, but also first aiders facing challenging situations. 

This regular process of evaluating and updating techniques is the main reason for the HSE’s strong recommendation that work places conduct an annual refresher for their qualified first aiders.  It not only gives an opportunity for skills to be refreshed and updated but provides a forum for discussion relating to experiences within the workplace and an evaluation of internal first aid organisation so improvements can be made all round. 

Emergency First Aid at Work Sevenoaks

Some work place first aiders speak of feeling under great pressure to perform well, maybe with the life of a colleague in their hands, after only a few hours training every three years, which is very understandable but also easily remedied. 

Continuous Professional Development is an on-trend bonus in many workplaces which gives encouragement to employees and increases their sense of value and commitment to and from their employers.  Using CPD to ensure first aiders are fully updated, confident and well supported is a win – win situation for both employers and employees alike. 

The annual refresher is something Peak Skills can offer in our usual friendly, relaxed but informative manner within your workplace or at our training room.  The recommended duration for an annual refresher is 4 hours once a year in the years between re-qualifying courses, but as a non-regulated course this can be tailored according to your requirements. 

Peak Skills First Aid training Sevenoaks

Please get in touch either by email ( or give Jane a call on 01732 462781 if you would like any further information about the annual refresher or any of our other courses.