Manual Handling Courses Sevenoaks

Peak Skills are delighted to announce that we now offer courses in manual handling.  Manual handling training is recommended for anyone who is involved in lifting or moving things as part of their duties at work, even if it is not their main role.  Over one million working days are lost each year as a direct result of injury from poor manual handling and therefore the HSE requires employers to provide their employees with health and safety information and training – supplemented, as necessary, with more specific information and training on manual handling injury, risks and prevention.  The type of employees that should be undertaking this training are, for example, groundsmen and gardeners, maintenance personnel and those who work in the building trade, warehouse workers or those who deal with deliveries.  Even light lifting and moving, if done repetitively can pose a risk, so training is recommended.  Peak Skills can offer a 4 hour Manual Handling Awareness course or six hour Manual Handling Level 2 – principles and practice (QCF) course.  

Please email or call us for more information.