The trainers at Peak Skills look forward to this time of year as this is when we get to play with fake blood and do some dramatic bandaging! Many of the kids have taken exams at school and have to wait for the results. School trips, field trips and outside trainers can keep them engaged and interested and hopefully teach them valuable skills from ironing a shirt to doing CPR!

Kids as young as 9 can be taught some valuable First Aid skills and even though they may not be as strong as an adult, they are often able to remember the steps better! Some time ago researchers in Austria tested kids aged 9 to 18 years on their ability to retain CPR skills. What they published is that kids can certainly remember the steps to CPR. In fact, they remembered the steps as good as or better than adults do.

The authors of the study point out that teaching CPR and first aid to kids puts them in the mindset to help out, which might help change adults' reluctance to assist in an emergency.

So if your child comes home with a nice blue bruise on his head, or attempts to put the cat into the recovery position, ask who visited them in school today, it may well have been us! 

If you'd like your child to learn some First Aid why not book them onto our Kid Course in July. 


AuthorSam Palmer