Head Injuries

Head injuries are part of normal life for people with young children and generally they don't need much more attention than a bit of rest, reassurance & and a cold compress on the bruised area. However, sometimes the injury might be more worrying, an injury sustained on a sports field perhaps or as a result of a fall. These casualties may feel sick and dizzy and have no memory of what happened, they need to be carefully watched for 24-48 hours after the injury. If the injury leads to the person losing consciousness they need urgent medical attention.  As always, it is ‘better to be safe than sorry’.  

Concussion - Caused by vibration within the skull following a blow to the head resulting in widespread disturbance.

Compression - Caused by pressure on the brain as a result of swelling, fracture or bleeding within the skull.




Keep them safe and seated until vision is fully restored.  Watch for any deterioration – they should begin to improve quickly.  They must be seen by a doctor to ensure the condition is not developing into compression.



If unconscious, or conscious with noisy breathing place in the Recovery Position.

If conscious lie down with head and shoulders supported and reassure.  Call an ambulance urgently.  If they are losing fluid from an ear, incline their head to that side and place a pad under the ear.







Peak Skills - Head Injury